I completed the 200h Yoga Teacher Training with the Ravi Marga School in May 2022. The teachers Fede&Manouk are super competent, teaching with full heart and dedication, the lessons are exciting and just right challenging. The opportunity to practice yoga open air with a spectacular view is unique. Beautiful accommodation. Highly recommended.

Bettina Kamps

Manouk is an experienced and inspiring teacher, with a lot of passion and professionalism. She shares her broad knowledge with her students and creates a safe environment to learn, to deepen one’s yoga practice and become a confident teacher. She always has the right words so you can feel loved and supported. She will work hard without any doubt to make sure that you gain strong teaching foundations so that you know how to teach properly. My Yoga Teacher Training with Manouk offered me a lot of new insights about myself and the importance of yoga. It has planted the seed for my future career as a yoga teacher. I’ll always be grateful that Manouk was my first teacher of my first YTT. It stays with you forever. Her truthful sensibility, her strong teaching skills, her authentic honesty, her constant strength, her pure vocation, and her lovely sense of humor are just some of the reasons I’ll recommend you to enroll, without hesitation, to any yoga teacher training, retreat or yoga class with her. Manouk, thank you from the bottom of my heart, you changed my life. Clotilde P. 200hr Yoga Teacher Trainee France (Nov, 2021)

Clotilde P.

I was Manouk’s student in a recent Yoga Teacher Training Course, and it was a real pleasure and enrichment to learn from such a passionate teacher. My expectations at the end of this YTT were largely exceeded, and it is in large part thanks to Manouk and her knowledge of yoga (both in terms of postures and in terms of philosophy), physiology, anatomy, biomechanics and particularly the respiratory system. So I now feel ready to take the plunge and become a yoga teacher myself. I will undoubtedly continue to be her student for life. – Romain G. 200hr Yoga Teacher Trainee, 2021

Romain Giraudau

Manouk is more than a yoga teacher, she is a guide to the light and pure love. Love for yoga, but also love for yourself and others. She offered me the most beautiful gift; being able to accept myself as I am in my yoga practice, but also in my life. She sees the light in each single person and helps you to shine. Having such a passionate teacher for my YTT was a gift from the universe. She inspires me to be only true love. Thanks to her I have improved my yoga practice by feeling my body, instead of trying to look beautiful in a pose. Infinite gratitude to this amazing woman! – Jessica B. 200hr Yoga Teacher Trainee, 2021

Jessica Blanquart

The Yoga classes with Fede at the Finca helped me to reconnect with myself on a deeper level. Not only the beautiful sound of the hang drum that she uses at the end of the class, but also the relaxing sound of her voice and the patience she had all the time. I will definitely come back to Finca El Quinto to practice yoga with her again.

Anna Cooperpractice yoga for 7 years

I’ve been doing yoga almost every day for 4 months and I can say that the yoga practice with fede has been one of my favorites so far. It is a Vinyasa yoga style that she adapts to anyone through modifications and with a very gentle actitud. I hope to come back to the finca to practice more and more.

Sarah Thomaspractice yoga for 4 months

I practiced yoga with Federica every day for one week in the beautiful platform of finca el quinto and I loved it! The ocean view, the sounds of the birds and her musical instruments… just the perfect start of the day. I also tried the Sound Bath. It has been an amazing experience. It is like a musical journey and I could feel the sounds of the different instruments touching me on a deeper level.

Diana Wagnerpractice yoga for 1 month

The Yoga Nidra with Fede is a journey throughout the self. She used her voice and the sounds of her instruments to let my body and mind relax completely. In the end of the practice I felt a deep sensation of peace and relaxation. I also made the handpan workshop and we had so much fun! Such a beautiful musical instrument…

Leonardo Heinrichpractice yoga for 5 years